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Photo: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images)

Werner Herzog has once again spun his great wheel of Documentary Subjects, soaring past the internet and volcanoes since he already covered those, and it has now apparently landed on “meteors.” According to Variety, Herzog has just announced that his next documentary feature is Fireball, a film about the influence of meteors and comets on mythology. The producers will be the same as Herzog’s volcano movie, Into The Inferno, and he’ll also be co-directing with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, the same co-director as the Into The Inferno. Variety also says that the documentary will involve the two of them “globe-trotting,” as they visit historical sites that “yield insight into comets and meteorites.” Production is currently underway, so maybe this film will double as research for Herzog’s possible role in Jon Favreau’s Star Wars show The Mandalorian.


Anyway, here’s an early musical teaser for Fireball, featuring Pitbull:

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