Continuing the American Express "Unstaged" series that pairs bands with esteemed filmmakers, then adding the possibility of someone getting shot, Werner Herzog will direct a livestream video of The Killers' upcoming show at New York's Paradise Theater, broadcasting Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. ET. Herzog, who was hand-selected by The Killers for the job, has reportedly already begun preparing, including making plans to outfit both the band and crowd-surfing audience members with cameras, and asking fans to submit photos of themselves that may then be projected on stage. Also, according to bassist Mark Stoermer, "I think there's gonna be an animal involved," spurring the hope that the concert will end with The Killers being mauled and eaten by a grizzly bear.

Herzog's film is also expected to finally answer The Killers' oft-posed question, "Are we human or are we dancer?" with "We are broken animals, thrashing futilely against the cages of our bodies. What you call dance is the flailing paroxysm of death."