That previously reported Werner Herzog-directed live webcast of a Killers concert debuts tonight, and as a preview, the director has released this short documentary about the band. This means that "The Killers" can be added to a history of bleak subjects that Herzog has explored, their futile human struggle to flourish in the sand and desolation of Las Vegas no different from any who toils pointlessly against lands that mean to kill them. Herzog also seems especially interested in exploring The Killers and Las Vegas as symbols of empty artificiality, subtly implying that the band is as plastic and fake as the frontier "ghost town" they take him to—though this is obviously open to your interpretation, if you actually can dredge any meaning out of the blank void of Brandon Flowers' stares.

Other Herzogian touches: The subtextual suggestion that guitarist Dave Keunig was "not to be found" for nefarious reasons (Eaten by vultures, perhaps?), and the part where he interrupts the band's blathering to ask, "Do you have wild donkeys on The Strip? Ever seen bighorn sheep at Caesar's Palace?" [via The Playlist]