Knowing that to create films is to plunge oneself into darkness, to immerse yourself in vulgarity and insanity and emerge clutching the bloody heart of the truth, Werner Herzog has cast Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson in his upcoming Vernon God Little. The adaptation of DBC Pierre’s novel will star Austin Abrams (of the U.S. version of The InBetweeners—frightening and stupid) as the friend of a teenage school shooter in Texas, who becomes swept up in a police investigation in its aftermath in what The Wrap describes as a dark comedy satirizing “America’s obsession with both fame and violence.” Naturally, this agitation of the American soul will conjure nightmarish visions of the violent, vapid totems of humanity’s utter emptiness, such as Mike Tyson as an axe murderer, and Pamela Anderson as a woman in an undisclosed role, yet who resembles Pamela Anderson. And you will look into their eyes, and know that we are lost. Also, Russell Brand will be there as a nattering newspaper reporter, because man is spurned and alone in the universe.