Like a makeshift family being pulled together by an unscrupulous dealer, always chasing the next score no matter the contrivances necessary, New Line is reassembling its team for a sequel to We’re The Millers. The comedy earned more than $269 million at the global box office, earning it, according to Box Office Mojo, such accolades as highest-grossing “Travelogue-Mexico” movie (Take that, Traffic and Beverly Hills Chihuahua! Your very similar travelogues were far less popular), and second highest-grossing “Slacker/Stoner” and “Road Trip” comedies, bested only by Ted and Wild Hogs, respectively.

Naturally, a sequel was inevitable, with Adam Sztykiel, writer of sixth highest-grossing road trip comedy Due Date, angling to move up those charts by penning the follow-up. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber is expected to return alongside Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, and the rest of the original film’s leads—obviously, as otherwise they wouldn’t be the Millers, and their being the Millers is key to the franchise’s comedy. (It’s what made We’re The Millers the highest-grossing “People Pretending To Have The Surname ‘Miller’” movie of all time.) Though, if they balk, the sequel could always introduce another fake family for We’re The Millers, Too.