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We're rooting for Tyra Banks' mall-based modeling theme park; we're all rooting for it

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Photo: JB Lacroix (Getty Images)

Get your smizers smizing, folks: Tyra Banks is getting ready to bring the America’s Next Top Model experience to America’s next top mall. Specifically, Banks announced this week that she’s moving forward on plans for “Modelland,” a Santa Monica, California-based attraction that promises to offer fans “a fantasy version of the modeling world” that lets visitors “be the dream version of themselves,” presumably through what we can only assume will be a lot of giant video screens of Tyra Banks yelling at them on a near-constant loop. (We’re imagining 1984, sort of, but with way better skin.)

Banks has reportedly been working on the project for roughly a decade, hoping to bring her spirit of inclusivity, acceptance, and just going totally ham on people to the wider masses. Also: It’s going to be built into a mall, which does, indeed, seem like the best way possible to get Americans to give a shit about anything, so good on you there, Ms. Banks.

Per WWD, the 21,000-square foot attraction will be “a permanent attraction anchoring the mall,” and will feature a “storyline” that Banks has reportedly been working on for at least a year. Banks is being cagey about other details of the attractions, but did hint that she’s “tapped Hollywood costume designers and stylists to create clothing for the audience to wear”; we can only hope she’s also contacted the planet’s top dry cleaners, because we’re pretty sure those fancy duds are going to be slathered in hot fudge and cheese sauce within 45 seconds of the doors opening on opening day. Anyway, we’re totally rooting for you, Tyra. We’re all rooting for you!

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