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Let’s hope this doesn’t become an annual tradition, but—just as he did last year—Kevin Spacey has posted another holiday-themed video in which he seemingly reprises his Frank Underwood character from Netflix’s House Of Cards. Last time, Spacey-as-Underwood sort of argued his innocence in the face of the many bad things he had been accused of (without naming anything specifically), which was fun when it was fictional in the show but is a lot less fun when he’s vaguely alluding to then-new allegations that he had assaulted a teenager in Boston in 2016. It was awful in every way.


So, naturally, he did it again. As reported by Variety, Spacey has slipped into that stupid Frank Underwood accent again for a video that, essentially, is all about how he thinks everyone should be nicer to him. Titled “KTWK” (“Kill them with kindness,” presumably), the video shows Spacey saying that he wants to “vote for more good in this world” in 2020. There’s also some other stuff, but this shit sucks and Spacey can make his own absurdly tone-deaf plea for forgiveness or forgetfulness if that’s what he wants to do.

As with last year’s video, it doesn’t seem like Netflix has acknowledged or addressed this in any way.

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