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We're giving away the Oscar-nominated BlacKkKlansman soundtrack on vinyl

Photo: Waxwork Records

Spike Lee’s pop-political crowd-pleaser BlacKkKlansman has been nominated for six Academy Awards this year, including a first-time Best Director nomination for Lee and a first Oscar nomination, period, for his longtime composer Terence Blanchard.

Along with his work as a jazz trumpeter and bandleader, Blanchard has written the score for every one of Lee’s movie since 1991's Jungle Fever. And while he’s been awarded five Grammys for his jazz recordings, this year he picked up his first for a Spike Lee joint, a Best Instrumental Composition award for “Blut Und Boden (Blood And Soil).” Of the score, Blanchard says, “In BlacKkKlansman it all became real to me. You feel the level of intolerance that exists for people who ignore other people’s pain. Musically, I can’t ignore that. I can’t add to that intolerance. Instead I have to help people heal from it.”

In honor of these achievements—and just the general coolness of Lee, Blanchard, and the movie itself—today Waxwork Records is releasing the BlacKkKlansman soundtrack on 180-gram vinyl, with what a press release describes as “‘70s-inspired design work by Aesthetic Apparatus, a heavyweight printed insert, old style tip-on gatefold jackets and red & black smoke colored vinyl.”


We’re giving away one copy of the BlacKkKlansman soundtrackon 180-gram vinyl courtesy of our friends at Waxwork; to enter to win yours, email us at avcontests@theonion.com with the subject line “Kennebrew Beauregard” and your full name and U.S. mailing address by 3:00 PM CT today, Friday, February 15. We’ll pick a winner this afternoon, and notify them by email.

The track listing and packaging of Waxwork’s BlacKkKlansman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack are below, and you can read more about it—and order your copy, if you’re not our one lucky winner—at this link.

Side A

Gone With The Wind

Hatred At Its Best

Main Theme

Ron’s Theme

Firing Range

No Cross Burning Tonight

Patrice Library

Ron Meets FBI Agent

Connie and Bomb

Guarding David Duke

Side B

11. Tale Of Two Powers 1

12. Tale Of Two Powers 2

13. Tale Of Two Powers 3

14. Woodrow Wilson

15. Klan Cavalry

16. Ron’s Search

17. Patrice Followed

18. Here Comes Ron

19. White Power Theme

20. Partner Funk Theme

21. Main Theme - Ron

22. Blut Und Boden (Blood and Soil)

23. Photo Opps

Photo: Waxwork Records
Photo: Waxwork Records
Photo: Waxwork Records

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