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We're getting a Designing Women reboot now

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The Ouija board that the entertainment industry uses for guidance can be fickle, divining that audiences want a bunch of Frankenstein movies when they definitely do not or insisting that the world could use more Frasier, but now the spirits have issued a new command: Bring back Designing Women. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has accepted this decree from the great beyond, and it has enlisted original series creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason to develop a new take on the comedy about a group of women who work at an interior design firm.


THR suggests that Sony wants the new show to “speak to the state of the politically divided country” we’re in these days, which definitely seems like it would be within Designing Women’s wheelhouse. After all, the old show did have a knack for addressing hot-button issues like women’s rights, AIDS, and racism. We don’t know if Bloodworth-Thomason is planning any big structural shake-ups for this new incarnation, but it should be relatively easy to put together a new show about a group of women who work together dropping serious takes on big topics in a funny way.

Now, Ouija board, please tell us if the entertainment industry will ever fall in love!

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