Photo: Orion Pictures (Getty Images)

Because two wrongs donā€™t make a right but three rights make a left (or something), Lebowski Fest co-founder Will Russell is staging yet another event commemorating a cult comedy classic. Entertainment Weekly reports that next summer Russell and a whole slew of Kenny Loggins fans will descend on a Lousville golf course for Caddyshack Fest, a celebration of the 1980 golf comedy featuring career-high performances fromĀ Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and the late, great Ted Knight.

ā€œBowling really ties Lebowski Fest together. Itā€™s great to have an activity. I was like, ā€˜Whatā€™s another movie that has an activity? Caddyshack!ā€™ Itā€™s a fucking great movie. Itā€™s hilarious. Itā€™s so quotable, just like Lebowski,ā€ Russell told EW.


He says there will be golf cart races, a dance party, and costume contests, the latter of which will no doubt be won by whoever fills their fedora with a bowl of soup. A portion of the proceeds, he adds, will benefit the Everything Will Be OK Project, a mental health non-profit.

Lebowski Fest has seen the filmā€™s Jeff Bridges make an appearance, and Russellā€™s holding out hope that Murray might briefly revive the mumbling Carl Spackler for the festival, calling him ā€œour dream guest.ā€ Stay tuned for news on that development and more over at the eventā€™s Facebook page.