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WeRateDogs is putting down some newspaper, cleaning up its piddle-soaked image with new board game

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The concept behind WeRateDogs is simple. Photos of cute dogs are posted on the account alongside babyish, internet-speak praise for being “good boys” and a rating that inevitably exceeds the maximum score of 10. Despite its innocuous premise, however, the Twitter account has managed, like a newborn puppy, to make all sorts of messes over the years, covering everything from whitewashing dog names to selling Trump-affiliated joke hats.

Still, because cute dog photos are more powerful than outrage, WeRateDogs has endured long enough to launch its latest project: a card game that hopes to avoid self-made scorn by getting back to the basics of admiring some adorable pups.


We Rate Dogs: The Card Game is aimed entirely at those still tickled by the Twitter account’s comedic sensibilities. In it, players try to win a dog show by managing dog-stats with names like “Floof,” “Boopability,” “Goodness,” and “Wag.” According to website copy, “each dog is rated on 7 categories with a minimum rating of 10/10 .” We are assured, however, that “they’re all good dogs, Brent!”

The card game looks like a safe, wholesome way to keep the cuteness-spreading empire in good health. Surely, nothing it contains could lead WeRateDogs into yet another of baffling, wholly avoidable controversy. That is, of course, unless there’s a hidden wildcard referencing the X-rated “relaxation technique” Best In Show star Catherine O’Hara recently shared with the world.

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