As Attorney General Eric Holder once demonstrated, not even wielding the full power of the Department of Justice will get you more of The Wire—nor, indeed, will wielding a big-ass dick, as Wendell Pierce recently revealed. The erstwhile Bunk took to Twitter last night to discuss his frustrated attempt to launch a Wire prequel film, one he would have produced himself and that would have starred Samuel L. Jackson, so as to confirm it as a real movie. “I had Samuel Jackson playing the kingpin running the Towers, when Stringer & Barksdale started a war and took over,” Pierce said of the “prequel that introduces you to the world of the series,” in addition to the ongoing prequel—and sequel—that is the city of Baltimore.

Still, don’t expect Wendell Pierce to follow in Zach Braff’s footsteps by launching a Kickstarter (or by doing anything else Zach Braff would do, really). “We are all too old now and many actors have passed on,” Pierce lamented, adding that, anyway, “We can’t convince [David Simon] it’s a good idea” to do anything more with the series. You’ll just have to make do with those Wire prequel shorts HBO already released, as well as Barry Levinson’s own Wire prequel, Avalon.  [via IndieWire]