A ticket-holding fan was turned away from a Vaccines show in North Wales this week for not knowing enough about the band. NME reports that Wrexham University student Andy Bellis wasn’t admitted to Venue Cymru because he couldn’t name the band’s frontman or either of the group’s two albums. The venue claims that it didn’t 86 Bellis as part of some elaborate indie cred test, but rather because it had been told that there were pickpockets working the area, and they didn’t want to risk the show’s patrons getting robbed. That being said, a spokesperson for the venue said blocking Bellis was a mistake, saying that while “six people were refused admission and a further two people were ejected from the building…one or two genuine visitors may have been refused admission and we apologize that they missed the event and full refunds are being given.”

Bellis is, of course, pissed, and he rightfully points out that not knowing about a band before attending a show definitely isn’t a crime. As he told Wales Online, “How did people discover bands before the Internet and everything else?”