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It’s like we always say: Never underestimate the power of My Chemical Romance fans with disposable income. Variety reports that the band’s long-anticipated North American reunion tour has already sold out, less than a day after tickets first went on sale. That’s equal to something on the order of 228,600 tickets sold in a mere six hours, a.k.a. enough people to fill 4,536 Hot Topic stores. (Assuming a maximum occupancy of 50 people, which actually seems optimistic, given how many Funko Pops tend to be strewn around those places in inconvenient spots.)

Anyway: The reunited band members issued a quick statement today, thanking their fans for their continued enthusiasm. They also added a few more shows to the tour, in the hopes that more constituents of the Black Parade might be able to complete their pop-punk pilgrimage.


My Chemical Romance broke up back in 2013, with the group’s various members separating in order to pursue other musical projects, and, in one case, a shockingly lucrative comic book career. The group first got back together late last year, for another predictably, massively successful show.

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