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Well, shirt, here's a new The Good Place featurette to prepare us for its inevitable end

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“Dead people who read moral philosophy isn’t a good pitch for a network TV show,” Mike Schur thought to himself when he came up with the idea for the excellent utopian comedy The Good Place. It’s a good thing, then, that the visionary writer/producer came with both the goodwill of his previous projects (The Office, Parks & Recreation) and an entire first season outlineincluding that jaw-dropping season one finale twistso NBC and Universal simply couldn’t not order it to series. And now we have to bid farewell to the Emmy-nominated show, which will return for its fourth and final season on September 25.

In a new featurette for the Paley Center to emotionally prepare us for the finale, Schur says that Kristen Bell and Ted Danson agreeing to star also helped tremendously. “Once you have them, you can do whatever you want,” he jokes. To be fair, he’s not wrong. Both actors have continually charmed off socks with their performances in the series, which they agreed to star in after pitch meetings with the showrunner. Danson didn’t even read a script.

The video also features interviews with other cast members, including Jameela Jamil, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto, and scene-stealer D’Arcy Carden. They mainly talk about the weird, secretive audition process. “My audition was for a hotline operator for broken dolls,” reveals Carden, who plays ‘not-a-girl’ Janet. Schur also dishes on how Jacinto reading for the dim-witted Florida man Jason Mendoza helped him create the character.

The Good Place is definitely going to leave a void (no, not that void) on our TV slate, but at least we’ll always have “holy mother forking shirt balls.


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