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With this week’s Captain Marvel bringing superheroes back to the ancient past of the 1990s, YouTube channel What’s The Mashup has followed suit with a remixed, Clinton-era version of The Avengers that sees the box office mainstays born again, eyes free of the horror yet to arrive in the form of Twitter-using politicians and widespread influencer marketing.

It would have been enough to slap a VHS tracking filter over the clip, overlay a recording of its deep-voiced narrator, and call it a day. The video, though, goes a bit further by drumming up a trailer that not only achieves the expected aesthetic throwback, but also recasts Marvel’s superheroes with era-appropriate stars.


Sure, nobody needs the still-omnipresent Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt as Iron Man and Thor, but other choices, like Jean-Claude Van Damme as Captain America, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Captain Marvel, and Milla Jovovich as Black Widow are great ‘90s revival picks. Though the CGI is way too good for a movie meant to have come out back when most computer graphics hovered around the quality of Eiffel 65's “Blue” video, David Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury, Keanu Reeves as Doctor Strange, and a fresh-faced Elijah Wood Spider-Man justify the concept regardless.

If there’s one clear problem with the video it’s that Black Panther is recast as Denzel Washington, a fine enough choice on its own but one that repeats history’s mistake of failing to make Wesley Snipes’ bid to play the character a reality. Fortunately, there is no shortage of Marvel movies on the horizon and plenty of opportunities to try to nail this concept again by giving the people what they want: more Snipes.

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