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Well-meaning Justin Timberlake posts illegal voting booth selfie

(Photo: Barry King/Getty Images)

As a rising wave of “Christ, just let it end” ennui threatens to overwhelm the American electorate, people are fighting back with the most powerful force in the universe to combat voter apathy and make democracy do the thing it’s hypothetically supposed to do: Celebrity social-media posts. One such post recently crossed the legal line, though, with Stereogum reporting that Justin Timberlake broke the law this week by posting a voting booth selfie.

The noted smiling dance man was back in his home state of Tennessee, taking advantage of the state’s early voting program, when he decided to snap a shot encouraging others to do the same. Unfortunately for Timberlake, that act was in violation of a state law passed last year making it illegal to take pictures in a voting booth. If prosecuted, Timberlake would be the first person to be punished under the new law, facing a $50 fine and a potential jail sentence of up to 30 days. Of course, that’s not going to happen, because nobody wants to be known as “The D.A. that screwed up the promotional junket for the Trolls movie.”


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