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Well, here's a contender for the most pants-shittingly freaky thing you'll see all year

Screenshot: Twitter

“What if John Carpenter’s The Thing was a documentary?” That’s one question that scurried across our minds when we stumbled across the below video, which we’ll do our best to describe using human words.

It comes from Twitter user okapi_4205, a freelance artist, and, when translated via Google, its accompanying translation reads, “failed work.” That’s ominous enough in itself, but nothing compared to the rubbery, demonic spider-head writhing across the uncanny valley of this water tank. Though it appears to be CGI, the effect is nonetheless unnerving, namely for simultaneously seeming both too real and not real at all. That eerie, smiling face—you know, the one growing from a soggy, slug-like body in the backgroundoffers a stark contrast to the jelly-like movements of the head, which is absolutely screaming in wild, unknowable pain.


This video itself is not a failure or anything,” the artist writes in an accompanying tweet, which we translated via Google.The jellyfish-like guy failed in some kind of experiment and couldn’t live long, so I didn’t think from the beginning what it would look like if he was successful(laughs).”

Per the translated replies, that motionless head appears to be modeled after Japanese actress Haruka Ayase, while the jelly spider-head has been credited to either comedian Yuki Himura or actor Ryō Katō. The work itself’s been likened not just to Carpenter’s The Thing, but also the manga of body horror artist Junji Ito. Many also believe it could have a place in the SCP Foundation, which, if you’re unaware, is a collaborative fiction project packed with scientific explorations of fictional creatures and spirits.

Anyways, fuck Momo. Make a movie about this thing.


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