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Cowboy Ninja Viking is one of those titles that demands some sort of emotional reaction, usually in the “How hard can my eyes roll without giving me a headache?” space. Originally a comic from A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo, Universal has been working on a film adaptation of the book—about a bunch of assassins who channel different, ludicrous-sounding personalities in order to help them kill folks—for a few years now, going so far as to toss a big friendly Chris Pratt at it in order to overcome people’s base credulity toward the concept.


Now, though, it sounds like we’ll have to wait a little longer to watch Pratt embody the different aspects of the cowpoke/shinobi/berserker triad, with Variety reporting that the studio has now pulled the film from its upcoming June 28, 2019 place on the schedule. Never let it be said that Universal has lost faith in its movie about people with mental disorders that turn them into G.I. Joe characters, though; the studio has assured fans that it’s just giving Cowboy Ninja Viking all the time it really needs to thrive, with sources reporting that director Michelle MacLaren and co-star Priyanka Chopra are both still attached. God knows you wouldn’t want a nuanced concept like this one to feel rushed.

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