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Well, fine: Ezra Miller's just going to write his own damn Flash movie, then

Photo: Neil Mockford (Getty Images)

Although Warner Bros.’ slate of D.C. Comics movie properties appear to have dug themselves out of the grim, self-serious Snyder Hole they were toiling in a few years back—with lighter, less continuity-addicted movies like Wonder Woman drawing rave reviews, and Aquaman an actual, certified hit—not all members of the Justice League have taken these changes with equal sangfroid. Batman has his own, much-reported-on problems, obviously, creating a comic book universe in which there are multiple Jokers running around, but no Dark Knight with which to stop them. Meanwhile, Ezra Miller’s Flash—that harbinger of poorly-explained superhero dream sequenceshas been toiling in movie-less obscurity ever since 2017's Justice League (which, admittedly, he was one of the best parts of).

Indeed, Warner Bros. has been extremely quiet about its once-boisterous plans for a Flash feature film, even as it fills its schedule with Shazams, Wonder Woman not-a-sequels, and even a proposed movie about those screeching CGI fish creatures Aquaman spent five minutes beating up in his own standalone movie. Once upon a time, Rick Famuyiwa was attached to direct the long-planned Flash movie, but he bailed back in 2016, with Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein picking up the job last year. Even with a new team on board, though, there’s been very little forward movement on actually getting the thing written and produced, and it’s yet to score a solid place for itself on the Warner Bros. calendar.


Well, Miller’s not standing for it any longer: THR reports that the Fantastic Beasts actor has decided he’s just going to write the damn movie himself, if that’s what it takes. Miller—who’s apparently been disagreeing with Daley and Goldstein about the film’s tone, contributing to the delays—isn’t fucking around here, either; Warner Bros. has reportedly signed off on his plans to work up a dark, gritty Flash script, with comics royalty Grant Morrison serving as his co-writer.

People familiar with the weirder edges of the comics world presumably just went, “Oh, shit, Morrison,” and, indeed, this is pretty big news for a particular kind of comic book nerd, i.e. one familiar both with Morrison’s more independent projects like The Invisibles, and his various stints on titles like X-Men, Batman, and The Flash, which he wrote alongside Mark Miller for a short run back in 1997. Morrison and Miller’s script is apparently well on its way to completion, too; THR reports that it could be submitted to the studio as early as next week, at which point this latest twist of fate for the Flash movie will presumably be decided.

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