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Welcome to the Resistance, British police dog

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These are trying times, and as such, alliances must be forged in unlikely places. Just such a surprise partnership occurred in Britain during public demonstrations over the weekend against a new law many claim will severely curtail citizens’ right to peaceful protest.


A video courtesy of Apex World News recently went viral after depicting what is definitely appears to be a group of four U.K. police officers violently grabbing and pulling an individual over a concrete street barrier before one of them assaults the man multiple times with a riot shield. As the gang the officers then proceed to try dragging away the man (who turned out to be a photographer, by the way), a barking dog can be heard off-screen, and it’s not long before a four-legged hero emerges from the disarray.

Watching this dog bite one cop in the ass before trying to lunge at another, it’s clear even rigorously trained police K9 units have their own line in the ethical sand. As The Daily Dot notes, many online are “commenting on how the dog was doing what it was trained to do: Attack an aggressor, which was the officer in the case.”

We can only hope that this is just the first in what will be a continuing trend of police dogs walking out on their jobs. Just picture it: a line of good boys, linked paw-in-paw for solidarity’s sake...


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