Halloween has just ended, but apparently it’s not too early for a Chrismukkah miracle: Complex announces today that The CW has put the entirety of classic Fox teen series The O.C. on The CW Seed. The site was formerly a home just for the network’s comedy brands like Whose Line Is It Anyway, but now adds not just The O.C., but shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Flash, and Hellcats. Those are all fun titles, but really there’s no better way to usher in the holiday season than by binge-watching the adventures of snarky Cohen, snooty Summer, troubled Marissa, and brooding Ryan in their posh California surroundings until the all-important Chrismukkah episode in season one. Especially binge-worthy are those bright, promising early O.C. days before Summer and Seth hooked up, when Marissa’s mom Julie was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Luke, and Marissa overdosed in Mexico. Fun times! Enjoy, and Merry Chrismukkah to us all.