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Welcome To Sweden no longer welcome at NBC

Welcome To Sweden

The bloom is off the rose (or twin flower) for Greg Poehler’s Welcome To Sweden. Deadline reports NBC has canceled the show due to the waning interest of stateside viewers. Poehler himself announced the news on Instagram, and put a decidedly funnier twist on the low ratings by calling them “craptastically low”:


Welcome To Sweden was based on Poehler’s real-life expat status after he moved to Sweden to be with his girlfriend a few years ago. His sister, noted author and Smart Girl Amy Poehler, helped him out with executive producing duties and even popped in for a scene or two. The show was a surprise hit in its first season, partly because of outstanding supporting players like Lena Olin.

Season two didn’t decline in quality but saw a steep drop in ratings, with only half the number of viewers as in its first season. NBC has already filled the vacant Sunday night spot with Hollywood Game Night.

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