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Welcome to hell: A supercut of Donald Trump saying his own name

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty

Warning: The following video contains Donald Trump saying his own name around 460 times in a mere four minutes. Digital artist Sam Lavigne created it using a program he designed that automatically generates supercuts by blasting through a set of videos’ subtitle tracks. Here, the program crawled C-SPAN’s archive of Trump videos and spliced together every moment of Donald Trump saying Donald, Trump, or Donald Trump. Do not watch if you’re eating.


The results are a little bit hilarious, a little bit harrowing, and surprisingly instructive about how Trump talks—and thinks—about himself. The two most common tones are a cartoonish strongman bellow and a malevolent simper; often his upraised hand seems to suggest that he is quoting someone else or saying his name as it might appear in a headline. One theme of recent election coverage has been that, as Trump losing looks increasingly likely, he has begun explaining it all away with conspiracy theories about the media. This supercut of Trump’s self-references illustrate how he thinks the media portrays him, as if his most risible actions were merely being blown out of proportion.

It’s also a Halloween-appropriate trip to the depths of hell, where every word is “Donald Trump.” Chase it with Lavigne’s macabre companion piece—eight minutes of other people in the media saying his name—for one terrifying night, then make sure you’re set to vote next week.

[via Metafilter]

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