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The Baby Boomers control pretty much all the important aspects of daily life. This is disconcerting for all sorts of reasons, but probably the easiest way to understand that we should be wary of how old peoples’ opinions shape the world is by taking a quick look at the way they use the internet. In some cases, their horrible understanding of how to share information online is hilarious and basically benign; in others, as shown in a new weekly dispatch collecting boomer emails, it’s hilarious and downright terrifying.


Created by MSCHF, the people who gave us infinite, computer-generated foot photos, “Jesus shoes,” and astrological investment guides, Boomer Email is a newsletter that provides a regular reminder of how badly the world’s most economically and politically powerful demographic sucks at using the internet.

The site is broken down into four categories: “Memes,” “News,” “Politics,” and “NSFW.” Under the first heading, we’re treated to a bunch of photos showing Trump’s face Photoshopped onto images of Queen Elizabeth II. Under “NSFW,” we get a terrible chain email Bill Clinton joke. These are sad in their own right, but they pale in comparison to what you get under the News tab (conspiracies about China planning the coronavirus outbreak) and Politics section (notes on political correctness ending with a “Build The Wall” image.)


MSCHF’s Daniel Greenberg says the newsletter is culled from “thousands upon thousands” of “authentic ... boomer emails” sent to them from “fans and friends.” He writes that, in curating the messages, MSCHF “realized ... that email (when it comes to boomers) is basically a distributed, decentralized media utility that self organizes into categories the way any online media company might.”

Text pop-ups on the site itself describe these email chains as “a social network that is invisible from the outside” and a glimpse into what sort of material is informing how the “boomers’ politics and ideology [shape] the country.”

Check out the website to read the first week’s emails in full or sign up to receive further newsletters for more evidence of how fucked every younger generation will continue to be for at least a few more decades.

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