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Welcome to 2018: A computer-generated, pro-Trump Instagram model is going haywire

Remember in 2016 when everybody was saying, “Can’t wait for this year to be over!” and then 2017 came and everybody was like, “Oh no, it can get worse?” Well, it seems the plan for 2018 is to press the pedal to the metal in the ol’ apocalypse machine and get this thing over with because, as reported by Motherboard, there are currently two computer-generated models beefing about Trump on Instagram.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: There are CG Instagram models? Yes, you fool. We’re in hell. Welcome.


The first fake model in question is “19-year-old Brazilian-American” influencer and “musicianLil Miquela, who has been on Instagram since 2016 and currently has over a million followers. For the most part, Lil Miquela’s posts aren’t anything special. If you’re interested in seeing a well-rendered video game character post pictures in different outfits with relatable, woke captions, this may be the account for you. But, earlier this week, Lil Miquela’s account came under fire from another, more militant CG model.

It appears, at some point on Tuesday, all of Lil Miquela’s photos were deleted and replaced by selfies of Bermuda, a blonde, Trump-supporting, anti-feminist CG Instagram model who apparently has a bone to pick with her fellow fake-influencer. “Hi guys! Bermuda here. Soooo… you’re being lied to by a fake a*s person,” read the caption to the-now deleted post that topped Miquela’s page following the hack. “You brought this on yourself, girl.”

According to Motherboard, Bermuda’s issue seems to be that Lil Miquela presents herself as a real human being, whereas Bermuda—and the mysterious, Trump-supporting company that created her—acknowledge that she is an “art project.” Though, based on Bermuda’s previous posts (lots of Hillary For Prison memes) and the creator’s description of her (“Built to speak her truth… uniquely unapologetic”), it seems clear that the political leanings of these two pretend people has played a factor in the beef.


Lil Miquela (or, more accurately, her creator) has since regained control of her accounts. But, by the looks of Bermuda’s Instagram, this is just the beginning. Last night, she posted a series of photos detailing the success of her hacking venture and has since taken to posting an ominous-as-fuck countdown clock at the end of which “there will be no lies and everything will be revealed.”

Screenshot: @Bermudaisbae (Instagram)

So, this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with two Sims-rejects nuking each other on the “nice” social-media platform. Seems about right.


You can read the Motherboard’s full report, including a look into Bermuda’s creators, Cain Intelligence, here.

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