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Weirdness abounds in this bizarro remixed trailer for Justice League

Image: Aldo Jones

Though still filtered through a lot of shadows and gray lighting, Zack Snyder’s Justice League teaser has excited many people due to its (apparently) more lighthearted approach. For example, there’s actual jokes in it! And nary a “MARTHA!!!!” to be seen or heard. Now, through the magic of After Effects and other editing programs, a new trailer has emerged for the film that makes it seem like a gonzo exercise in surrealism and absolute insanity.

The trailer was made by Aldo Jones, who plugs in both versions of the Ghostbusters, Groot, and even St. Nick himself into the DC Comics adventure. With its googly-eyed absurdity and sudden appearance of a Danny Trejo Wonder Woman, the trailer is very reminiscent of The Chickening and other such bizarro interpretations of films. While the real Justice League doesn’t come out for another year, it remains unlikely that any of these elements will make their way into the actual film; though if Eddie Murphy could play Cyborg Sr., then may be it would all be worth it.


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