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Weird Science meets Romeo And Juliet in the music video for The Static Jacks’ “Wallflowers”

VHS tapes, a Sega Geneis with Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Pogs, Beanie Babies, a tuft of troll hair, a Yak Bak, Tiger handheld games, and a Furby: not just an assortment of nostalgia items from the ‘90s, but the ingredients for an updated Weird Science experiment in the music video for The Static Jacks’ new single “Wallflowers.” The New Jersey quartet creates its own version of Kelly LeBrock with all the kitschy items from its childhood, a perfect companion for a Weird Science/The Conversation double feature. But in a great twist that adds a bit of Romeo And Juliet flair to the waltz down memory lane—they’re not the only ones with a supernatural creation. It’s a nice spin on what could have been just a bunch of cultural touchstones and aptly matches a song that has some early Weezer vibes.

The Static Jacks’ sophomore album In Blue is out October 1.

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