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“Weird Al” Yankovic joins forces with Lin-Manuel Miranda for “Yoda” performance

(Photo: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images)

Once again the worlds of Hamilton and Star Wars collided thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda—only this time a dash of “Weird Al” Yankovic was thrown in for good measure. During his Radio City Music Hall concert over the weekend, Yankovic invited Miranda to belt out the chorus of “Yoda,” his Jedi-themed “Lola” parody. First, Yankovic had the audience sing the chorus, and then made everyone shush for a solo effort from Miranda, who, notably, was wearing a “Hamilton 2016” t-shirt.

Though he is definitely no stranger to the stage, Miranda looked positively petrified up there—perhaps that’s because he felt the chill of time wash over him. This, after all, was a big moment for this longtime Weird Al devotee. On Twitter, Miranda explained the significance of the experience.


So here’s what we learned: All you have to do in order to one day perform with your favorite comedy musician is write and perform in a Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning musical.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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