Jack White’s Third Man Records is more than a record label. The company’s Nashville location is a record store, office, recording studio, performance venue, and general place where artistic dreams come true.

It’s only fitting that “Weird Al” Yankovic and his band would stop by this mad scientist’s laboratory of a studio to record a track. As usual, “Weird Al” is game for just about any creative endeavor that comes his way, and that includes stuffing his band into a call-box sized recording booth. We’re not exaggerating; it’s a converted telephone booth, so quarters are cramped.

The quartet sail through an a cappella medley that includes covers of some familiar standards like “Frère Jacques,” but is heavy on improvised gibberish. After the brief session is over, the band sits back and cracks up in applause at the delightfully uninhibited, crackling nonsense they just created. It’s pretty awesome stuff, but if “Weird Al” is looking for a slightly less confined recording booth to explore recording cover songs, we’d be happy to recommend a follow-up venue.