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Weird Al is here to sing us through the pain of last night's debate

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As has been pretty well established at this point—through whatever cultural, cinematic, or other lens you might need to help you come to terms with it—last night’s presidential debate was a real shitshow, about as clear an expression of Donald Trump’s “control through loud bullying” approach to governance as we’ve been forced to directly look at in a minute. 24 hours later, we’re still recovering from the brain-damage-by-proxy of Trump’s personal brand of blathering aggression, an approach that not only denies reality, but seems to run directly counter to it. If only, we can’t help thinking, there was someone out there who could help us understand Trump’s distinctive stream-of-lack-of-consciousness, someone able to help us break down the idiocy of some of his statements with a fresh dose of clarity. Someone…a little weird.

Anyway, Weird Al Yankovic has now participated and starred in a song about last night’s debate, teaming up with Autotune masters Schmoyoho (a.k.a. The Gregory Brothers) to ask the musical question: What the hell just happened? And while we’re not all that crazy about hearing Donald Trump speak, pretty much ever—even when he’s been pitch-corrected toward something approaching musicality—“WE’RE ALL DOOMED” is actually pretty fun, if only because the lengths Yankovic goes to to commit to the bit. (Including, we have to assume, providing his own leaf blower.)


NPR reports that—in the wake of the near-constant interruptions and quibbling, much of it between Trump and moderator Chris Matthews, that characterized the first debate—future ones will be adjusted to try to make the experience at least slightly less hellish. There’s no word yet on whether anyone’s planning to bring Yankovic in as a guest moderator, but at least we’d finally get a little harmony injected back into the nightmare cacophony if he did.

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