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“Weird Al” has a “Lame Claim To Fame” in his seventh video this week

Ah, Sundays in July. The perfect time to lay back, take it easy, and listen to some parody songs. Alright, none of that has anything to do with “Weird Al” Yankovic’s latest video, but we’ve done six of these already and we need to introduce this one somehow. Rather than a specific song parody, “Lame Claim To Fame” is a stylistic homage to rockabilly bands like Southern Culture On The Skids. The lyrics involve throwing up in an elevator with Christian Slater and sharing a birthday with Kim Kardashian, so, despite the title, the song is not really a heartbreaking admission from “Weird Al” that he’s not as cool as we think it is.

The stop-motion video is loaded with cameos, though unlike Monday’s “Tacky,” it’s just photos of famous people instead of actual famous people. That’s still cool, right? Maybe not as cool as using a bathroom stall next to Jonah Hill, but it’s not bad. Yankovic’s parade of music videos is set to end tomorrow, presumably with one of those super serious love ballads off of his new album, Mandatory Fun.

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