For some detractors of latter-era Simpsons episodes—an ill-defined timeframe that now encompasses at least 15 seasons—one of the biggest hallmarks of the show’s decline has been its increased reliance on big-name guest stars. They believe that basing the show around cramming Tony Hawk into an episode makes it seem a lot cheaper and more desperate than it did when it was a groundbreaking comedy at the height of its strength. One the one hand, it’s an interesting argument that seems worthy of an elaborate thinkpiece, but on the other, that increased reliance on big-name guest stars has inspired Fox to create a new line of Simpsons action figures based on celebrities. Who cares about the quality of the show when there’s more stupid Simpsons bullshit to put on your desk?

The “25 Greatest Guest Stars Of The Simpsons” line has actually been around for a while now, with previous waves including old favorites like Leonard Nimoy, James Brown, and Mark Hamill alongside newer people like Tom Hanks, Stephen King, and—of course—Tony Hawk. Fox has just announced a fourth wave, though, and it includes a guy who is even more famous than Tony Hawk: former astronaut “Weird Al” Yankovic. He joins Tom Jones, Elvis Costello, Aerosmith, and beloved parody artist Buzz Aldrin as the latest batch of celebrities to be transformed into Simpsons action figures. Surely, having some nerd secretly play with them while nobody is looking is the greatest honor any of them has ever received. The figures should be available in stores this October.