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Weinstein Co. remembers it made Amityville: The Awakening, pulls it from schedule

Photo: Dimension

There’s something about not being able to see something that makes it infinitely more intriguing. For example, if the Weinstein Co. and Dimension films had just released Amityville: The Awakening on its originally scheduled release date of April 15, 2016—or its second scheduled release date of April 1, 2016, or its third date of January 6, 2017, or its fourth date of June 30, 2017—the movie might have gotten some bad reviews, but then would have disappeared from the minds of all but the most devoted Amityville fans before you could say “Bye Bye Man.”

But now Weinstein Co., presumably after finding the thrice-delayed horror movie at the bottom of a drawer while tidying up its release schedule, has pulled the movie indefinitely, making us curious what the hell was so ungodly awful about it that it couldn’t be released. The film was directed by Franck Khalfoun, who made 2007’s P2 and the 2012 Maniac remake, neither of which were great, but not unconscionably awful, either. Bella Thorne and Jennifer Jason Leigh, both of whom are pretty all right, star.


An international release is still on the table, according to Bloody-Disgusting, so even if the film doesn’t come out in the U.S., we’ll be able to satisfy our curiosity via the magic of the internet before too long. Until then, the trailer—which again, does not look great, but mediocre (or even, dare we say it, bad) horror movies come out all the time—is below.

[via Deadline]

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