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Weezer will be on The Simpsons this Sunday night

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Bringing together—at long last—all the people who love to argue about when The Simpsons stopped being good with all the people who love to argue about when Weezer stopped being good, Fox announced today that Rivers Cuomo et al. would soon be making their way to Springfield for a guest appearance. The band will appear on this Sunday night’s installment, “The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds,” where they’ll play the members of Sailor’s Delight, house band for a romantic cruise that Homer and Marge embark on in what will presumably be the show’s 453rd attempt to rekindle the passion in their marriage. (Also: Cruise ship humor! Modern Simpsons, always on the razor’s edge of topicality.)

Name change aside, Sailor’s Delight will still bust out some tracks from The Black Album and Pacific Daydream, plus a new one, “Blue Dream,” off the forthcoming Van Weezer. That follows in the footsteps of the new single “Hero,” released earlier this week—along with an announcement that Van Weezer was being delayed. (Which wrecks the timing of this Simpsons appearance a bit, since it was presumably scheduled to line up with the album’s old May 15 release date.)


Given how long both of them have been a going concern, it’s not surprising that this isn’t the first time Weezer and The Simpsons have intersected; although the band has never appeared in the four-fingered yellow flesh before, “Island In The Sun” played during an episode in the show’s seventeenth season, and the show dropped a parody of “Beverly Hills” in Season 20. Both of which were over a decade ago, for those of you still marshaling your respective “This show/band is over the hill!” arguments for the coming bloodbath on Sunday night.

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