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Weezer teases The White Album, or maybe just general whiteness

The front page of weezer.com at the moment.

In what’s either a savvy marketing ploy, or a crucial goof-up by a soon-to-be-fired social media intern, “Buddy Holly”-crooning alt rockers Weezer released a number of blank images to the public today. Appearing both on Instagram and Twitter and the band’s web site—which is now entirely blank, apparently—the images represent either frontman River Coumo’s ultimate statement on the nothingness of being, or possibly that the band is about to release another one of their self-titled, color based albums.


Previous installments in the iTunes-confusing series include the band’s debut, now known as The Blue Album, 2001’s The Green Album, and 2008’s The Red Album. If The White Album is on its way, then, it would represent an uptick in creativity from the group, after the four-year lull between 2010’s Hurley and 2014’s well-regarded Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Given that we’re going off of blank Instagram pages and a web site that could just as easily have been caused by a poorly-timed push of “delete,” though, it’s hard to know what might show up on this latest disc, or when it might appear. Still, the band’s recent singles, “Thank God For Girls,” and “Do You Wanna Get High?” seem like pretty good candidates. (At least, they won’t be as bad as “Revolution 9,” from that other so-called White Album.)

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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