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Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo sold a comedy pilot to Fox

Rivers Cuomo has been the butt of a lot of jokes over the years, but now he’s inspiring them on his own terms. The Weezer frontman is producing a new Fox comedy pilot, DeTour, with the help of Psych creator Steve Franks. According to Deadline, the show “centers on a thirtysomething rock star who, unable to rationalize his success and worried that he may not have the tools to repeat it, walks away from the spotlight at the height of his fame in an effort to rediscover the parts of his life he missed while he was busy becoming a massive success.”

As Weezer fans know, Cuomo took his own sabbatical from rocking about eight years ago to attend Harvard, where he pursued his Bachelor Of Arts, ate in the cafeteria, and tried (and failed) to get into the school choir. DeTour will ostensibly model this experience, peppering it with more sitcom hilarity and the “small band of misfit friends” necessary to get any pilot made.


Weezer’s next album is due Oct. 7. Should it get picked up, DeTour wouldn’t air until at least 2015, if ever.

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