Weezer’s album art has never been much to brag about, regardless of how iconic that first album’s blue cover has become. But even in the wake of this thing, the group’s last record, Hurley, set a new low with its incredibly on-the-nose Lost-themed cover. And the newly released art for the forthcoming Everything Will Be Alright In The End doesn’t do much to reverse that trend.

Featuring some sort of Muppet monkey mammoth trolling a foggy brown mountain range, the album art is more fun in theory than in practice—especially when you consider it’s coming from Weezer, a band that doesn’t even really seem to try that hard anymore. MTV calls it “terrifying” and says it’s reminiscent of Where The Wild Things Are, but come on now.


For what it’s worth, the piece is by Chris McMahon, an artist known for adding monsters to thrift store paintings.