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Weezer releases "Africa" on vinyl, which promptly sells out

Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images)

Weezer isn’t letting up on the Toto tributes: The band has already given the 14-year-old people what they want by covering “Africa,” then performing the soft-rock track on Kimmel Live!. But it looks like bowing to the will of Twitter is working out for Rivers Cuomo et. al., as the cover scored Weezer’s first Billboard Hot 100 hit in years.

Now it looks like Weezer’s musical collaboration with a meme has reached the next stage of its evolution: a vinyl release that’s available exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, it’s gonna take a lot to drag a copy of this home with you, as Noisey reports that preorders for the “Africa” 7" are already sold out. It remains uncertain if there’s anything that a hundred men or more could ever do, but for now, stick to streaming the rains down in “Africa.”


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