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Weezer cuts the coy crap, announces new album (plus a North American tour)

Possibly realizing that “public tolerance for the inescapable cuteness of Weezer” ran out some time around 2008’s The Red Album, the influential alt rock band has stopped Instagramming blank canvases and gone ahead and announced its new self-titled compilation (a.k.a. The White Album, in line with the band’s other periodic chromatic releases.) To commemorate the release announcement, the band also dropped a new single that’ll appear on the disc, titled “King Of The World.”

Besides announcing the new album—which frontman Rivers Cuomo described as a “beach album,” and which is due out on April 1 and set to feature the previously released singles “Thank God For Girls” and “Do You Wanna Get High?”—the band also dropped the news that they’ll be going on tour to support it. Starting in March, the group will tour the U.S., Canada, and (briefly) the U.K., with Panic! At The Disco, alongside occasional guest Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. You can see the full tour schedule on the band’s web site.


Meanwhile, those unwilling to shell out cash for concert tickets had a chance to see the group perform earlier tonight; they appeared on NBC’s continuing bizarre experiment in the lost art of the live sitcom broadcast, Undateable, and also stopped in on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

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