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Weezer announces Pacific Daydream, a new album available in October

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Timothy Hiatt)

In the old days, Weezer’s aesthetic was mostly about sensitive boys who like to goof around but also have feelings and stuff, but with the release of its fourth self-titled album last year (dubbed The White Album) the band seems to have shifted its focus to beachy songs about chillaxing and also goofing around. Now, Weezer has just announced a new album—its 11th—and it looks like the band’s going to try and add some weird layers to those beachy vibes this time.

Titled Pacific Daydream, a press release says that it’s “like reveries from a beach at the end of the world.” There’s also a whole thing about the record being about “the uncertainty between reality and dreams” and “blurring the line between the listener knowing if they are daydreaming the world of the album, or if the world of the album is daydreaming them,” so Weezer seems to be going to a weird place on this one.


First single “Feels Like Summer” was released earlier this year, and you can see the album art and the video for new single “Mexican Fender” below. Pacific Daydream will be available on October 27, and you can pre-order it here.

(Image: Weezer)

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