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Ween is reuniting for two shows in Colorado

When Ween was still active, it was known just as much for its wild live performances as it was for its genre-hopping albums and (unwanted) reputation as a goofy joke band. The group—originally started by Aaron Freeman, a.k.a. Gene Ween, and Mickey Melchiondo, Jr., a.k.a. Dean Ween—hasn’t performed live in more than four years, but now Ween will be (temporarily) reuniting for a pair of live shows over President’s Day Weekend in Colorado next year. The concerts will be held at Broomfield’s 1st Bank Center on February 12 and 13, and they’ll reportedly feature the band going “deep into the Ween catalog” to “try new stuff that nobody has ever heard live before.” Also, Freeman and Melchiondo say the shows will be “fucking mind-blowing,” with Freeman adding that he “can’t wait to get on that stage and hear how happy this makes people.”

A form to request two-day passes to the shows is available at this link, and only a handful of people who submit their requests will actually earn the right to buy two-day passes. For everyone else, general admission tickets will go on sale on November 20.


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