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Weekend Box Office: Yeah, Peter Parker and his friends are still doing really well

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While this won’t necessarily be the most thrilling of weekend box office updates, we can at least assure you that there will be at least one new development that you can look forward to. No, it will not involve the No. 1 spot, as that space still firmly belongs to Peter Parker and his classmates. To nobody’s surprise, Spider-Man: Far From Home remained a few steps ahead of its competition despite the customary 51% decline in homegrown revenue, roping in another $45.3 million domestically and reaching $847.1 million globally. There’s nothing new to report with the runner-up this weekend, either: Toy Story 4 continues to trail its webbed counterpart, adding another $20.6 million to its domestic gross.


The shake-up comes at the hands of Paramount’s Crawl and 20th Century Fox’s Stuber as two major studios tried their damnedest to provide viable counterprogramming. Earning modest opening week hauls of $12 million and $8.04 million, respectively, both films amount to notable blows for two major studios (and while our very own A.A. Dowd wasn’t the biggest fan of Stuber, he was relatively content with Crawl, declaring it a perfectly serviceable B-movie). Rounding out the fifth spot is Yesterday, proving that there is still an audience for those willing to entertain both a world without the Beatles and a marginally interesting love story.

One fascinating note: A24's The Farewell had a pretty amazing limited release for an indie film. Opening in just four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, the Awkwafina-led stand-out garnered over $351,000 with an $87,833-per-theater average. That’s the best per-theater average this year for any film to date. 


There was another interesting takeaway from this weekend’s somewhat predictable box office: It took the efforts of two major studios to finally knock Aladdin out of the Top 5 spot for the first time in eight weeks, a development that arrives just in time for Disney’s next live(ish) action attempt, The Lion King. Considering the film’s very mixed reviews, it’ll be interesting to see if that has any impact on public interest. We think nostalgia will likely win, though. It is the circle of cinematic life, after all.

For a more detailed look at this weekend’s box office, visit Box Office Mojo.

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