Image: Disney/Pixar

Yeah, we can totally admit that when it comes to movie news, there are far more climatic outcomes than the fourth installment of a Disney/Pixar franchise dominating the box office. Still, any film that firmly positions an existential collection of cutlery, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes as a king of any sort is deserving of some recognition. With that, Toy Story 4 soars to the top of the box office this past weekend, injecting it with a much-needed boost after a disappoint Father’s Day weekend and lapping the competition with a domestic gross of $118 million (though that doesn’t quite reach Disney’s $140 million projection). Trailing far behind Woody and company is a rather non-threatening, modern-day Chucky: Child’s Play debuted at No. 2, making just over $14 million across 3007 screens. While it didn’t earn a ton of critical love, it did make back its budget of $10 million and provided a way for Aubrey Plaza to reign supreme during a fantastic promotional tour, so there are still some wins to celebrate here.

The quietest premiere this weekend goes to the latest femme fatale flick off the conveyor belt: Lionsgate and Summit’s Anna kicked very minimal ass, debuting at No. 11 with a $3.5 domestic gross. Aside from a fairly worn premise, the film was couched in controversy when director Luc Besson was accused of sexual assault. For returning films, Aladdin is maintaining a solid residency in the top five, besting younger films Men In Black: International and Secret Life Of Pets 2 in its fifth week. With a relatively quietly weekend ahead of us, will Disney continue to command the domestic charts? Eh, probably. Long live Forky!


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