San Andreas

In a major win for film industry reporters who like puns (which is basically all of them), San Andreas shook, buried, and/or rocked this weekend’s box office. The Dwayne Johnson-led earthquake movie exceeded initial predictions, bringing in $53 million in the domestic market for a $113 million worldwide total.

Combined with the relative failure of Tomorrowland—which made an underwhelming No. 1 debut and is still far from recouping its staggering budget—this paints a bleak portrait of the future, one where natural disasters wipe out the promise of a shiny, retro-Space-Age future. Scavengers wander the ruined hellscape, fighting for scarce resources. Soon, we will all have exotic blood cancers and drive around in mashed-up hot rods, pasty with white makeup, guzzling Aqua-Cola to the ringing riffs of the Coma-Doof Warrior…


Speaking of which, Mad Max: Fury Road has been making pretty good money for a movie that never hit No. 1 in the United States, aided by excellent reviews, word-of-mouth, and the fact that people outside the English-speaking world don’t really care that much about Pitch Perfect 2. No. 4 Fury Road’s worldwide box office hit $280 million this weekend, while No. 2 Pitch Perfect 2 is now up at $228 million, most of it made domestically. Everyone’s a winner—except, of course, Cameron Crowe.

Crowe’s Aloha, this week’s only other new wide release, arrived in the No. 6 spot with a $10 million domestic take. That still puts it ahead of We Bought A Zoo, so that’s something. The well-received Heaven Knows What made a modest $15,000 in two theaters; as of press time, it appears that most of the week’s other limited and indie releases—including Results and Tu Dors Nicole—were not reporting figures.


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