Frustrating bloggers who long ago used up all their “Everything Is Awesome” references, all aspects continue to be extremely positive for The Lego Movie, which took in another $31.5 million to remain wedged at the top of the domestic box-office like a minifig inside your cousin’s nasal cavity, from that time everyone suspects he may have sustained minor brain damage. The film’s three-week total is now just over $183 million—a haul that could certainly buy you a lot of Lego blocks, and ruin a lot of cousins.

There certainly wasn’t much competition on the new movie front, with a distant second place going to 3 Days To Kill at $12.5 million. The McG/Luc Besson thriller in which Liam Nesson’s aging-operative-with-daughter-issues shtick is taken by Kevin Costner didn’t benefit from the comparison, or likely from the confusion that audiences had already ignored this movie when it was called Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. (No doubt Kevin Costner is already looking forward to April’s Draft Day, when he can at least slip back into a nice, comfy sports movie.) And Paul W.S. Anderson’s Pompeii erupted into third place with a volcanic $10.3 million that proves audiences are lava-hot to see this historical disaster movie—or so the film’s many useless second-week promo posters now buried in ash will read.


In limited release, Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises took in $306,000 across its 21 theaters, a number that should grow as the Oscar nominee expands to wide release next week. And the documentary Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me pulled in an impressive $30,000 in just two theaters, a number that should grow after Stritch appears on more talk shows and tells you to fucking go see it, you fucks.

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