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Weekend Box Office: Tarantino sees his biggest opening weekend with Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood

Screenshot: Sony Pictures Entertainment (YouTube)

Was there any doubt that The Lion King would sink its claws into the top spot for another weekend? The photo-realistic remake bagged another $75.5 million domestically, grossing over $375.7 million since last weekend’s premiere. Globally, the film is very close to pouncing on the billion-dollar milestone, netting over $963 million to date. Though Hobbs & Shaw has a viable chance of strong-arming the box office throne for themselves this coming weekend—the typical decrease for a third-week film paired with the Fast And Furious franchise’s reputation of pulling respectable numbers should bode well for Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham—we can expect that news to be overshadowed by Disney managing another billion-dollar property this year. We can see it in the stars.

Speaking of stars, Quentin Tarantino’s widely dubbed love letter to Hollywood claimed second place this weekend, raking in $40.3 million across 3,659 theaters. Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood not only exceeded Sony Pictures’ $30 million projection, but is also Tarantino’s biggest opening behind 2009's Inglorious Bastards, per CNN. Our own Katie Rife declared it “Tarantino’s most personal film in decades,” and we strongly suggest checking out her review or the spoiler space, if you’ve already seen the film and just want to talk a bit more about that ending. (Obviously, only check out said spoiler space if you’ve seen the film, as to, um, avoid spoilers.)


Spider-Man: Far From Home, Toy Story 4, and director Alexandre Aja’s love letter to Florida, Crawl, round out the Top 5 this weekend, all serving as glowing examples of perseverance after weeks in theaters(or evidence that there just wasn’t much fresh blood this weekend). We will see where they land this coming weekend after audiences are gifted inexplicable explosions, fast cars, and that Johnson-slash-Statham banter as they hang glide from jets and flip off Idris Elba or whatever (which sounds fun, by the way).

For a more detailed breakdown of this weekend’s box office visit Box Office Mojo.

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