It's official: The summer ended with Superbad. (And not to taunt the Apatow-haters again, but to our mind, there are worse ways to go out.) Though it dropped nearly 50% from its surprisingly strong opening weekend, Superbad still made $18 million, which was more than enough to keep it on top against weak competition. Of the new films, Mr. Bean's Holiday performed best, squeaking into fourth with $10.1 million and the week's second-strongest per-screen-average ($5900) among wide releases. The not-screened-for-critics Jason Statham/Jet Li showdown War finished just behind with $10 and the largely reviled-by-critics (except, um, ours and a few others) The Nanny Diaries debuted weakly in sixth with a $7.8 million take. In semi-wide release, Resurrecting The Champ, Illegal Tender, and September Dawn were all losers, finishing well out of the Top Ten.

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