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Weekend Box Office: Spectre continues to loom over theaters

Nothing to see here, really, with a weekend box office that remained constant in its top two spots and a slate of new releases about as exciting as watching Angelina Jolie staring out of a window for two hours. Spectre retained the No. 1 spot with an additional $35.4 million; the movie has raked in $130 million so far, but still has a ways to go before it makes up its reported $245 million budget. (That’s like, jungle-supervillain-compound money.) And The Peanuts Movie once again came in at No. 2, which is okay because Charlie Brown is accustomed to second place.

As far as new releases goes, terrible reviews didn’t stop the smarmy family comedy Love The Coopers from debuting at No. 3 with $8.4 million, presumably because it remembered to put the snowflakes on its cups. The dull Chilean miner drama The 33, meanwhile, plodded its way to No. 5 with $5.8 million, coming in just after that other, superior guy-trapped-somewhere-for-most-of-the-movie’s-running-time film currently in theaters, The Martian.


Besides the Bollywood romance Prem Ratan Dhan Payo—which opened simultaneously in the U.S. and India and broke box-office records in both countries—none of the week’s other new releases even cracked the top 10. The football weepie My All American came in at No. 12, giving all those square-jawed paragons of American manhood something to really cry about. That doesn’t seem so bad compared to By The Sea’s No. 31 debut, however, providing the predictable insight that, even when poorly executed, God and the gridiron are more appealing to Middle America than Antonioni tributes. My All American only pulled in $889 per screen compared to By The Sea’s $9,544, though, so maybe it’s a matter of perspective.

Meanwhile, weeks after Halloween, Hotel Transylvania 2 came in at No. 9 two months after its debut. Extrapolate from that what you like.

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