Perhaps locking in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', well, mutant-like commercial lifespan, TMNT debuted this weekend with a $25.5 million take, ending 300's two-week stand at the top of the box office. Proving that one lethal badass is less solvent than a whole field of 'em, Shooter opened in third place with $14.5 million. But at number four, sticking like a monument to America's tolerance for revulsion, Wild Hogs grabs $14.4 million. In other debuts, surprise, inspirational swim-team dramas are rather tough to sell, as Pride pulls in a modest $4 million. Collectively, schlock-o horror films made a pretty decent showing, with The Hills Have Eyes II, Premonition, and Dead Silence hanging in the top 10. More details at Box Office Mojo.

*If you got that reference and you're over 35, feel free to come cry in our basement.